Sideise retrato peq

Sideise Bernardes Eloi

Clinical Psychologist 

Master in Sustainable Development.

Hi! I´m Sideise, psychologist and master in sustainable development. I have a sensitive, empathic and attentive listening to the social problems that cross the subject and that can cause imbalance and suffering.

I also work on projects to reduce sócio-environmental and human problems and I contribute to a just and inclusive society. 

Reaching souls and elevating people and projects


– Professional orientation;
– Professional development;
– Conflicts related to the work environment;
– Career transition;
– Psychological disorders.

Sustainable Development

– I am collaborative, empathetic and I have strategic thinkink in the search for Solutions to socio-environmental problems.

– Multitasking and achiever with projects and actions

– Diplomatic and comunicativa in the Engagement of people and Institutions..

Articles (thoughts, studies and texts)

Talk about the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)